New Arrival: 1/100 Master Grade RX-93 ν Gundam

Here is my latest acquisition in my Gunpla collection: a 1/100 Master Grade RX-93 ν Gundam kit. I just got it yesterday from Greattoys, after much deliberation between me and my inner Kira. I chose between this and the 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam One Year War Version, but decided to choose Amuro Ray’s last mobile suit instead. Hopefully I made the right choice.

I tried to start this kit about 3AM this morning when I suddenly woke up, but I didn’t push thru after two parts. I needed a 2.0 mm Philipps screwdriver, and all I had are sized 1.8 mm down and 2.4 mm up! Ruined one of the included 2.0 mm screws with the kit in the process. *sigh* Gonna drop by the DIY shop later.

I’ll update the progress of this kit in following days. I’m looking forward to a few, late nights of model building!


Ultimate Caldereta!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Mom’s Ultimate Caldereta.

This is the ultimate secret, on why I am the Ultimate Coordinator.  This is the ultimate secret to SEED.  Fear its tenderness in meat, the spiciness in chili peppers, shallots and garlic, the sauciness in rich tomato and soy sauce, the creaminess in melted cheese.

Without the Ultimate Caldereta, the universe is nothing.

I am nothing.

You are nothing.

Everything is nothing.

Bow down to the power of the Ultimate Caldereta.

Sieg UC!!! 

Update On My Tita’s Condition

Today marks the one week mark of my Tita Gi’s stay in the hospital after having suffered that stroke early Sunday morning.  While she’s still confined at Medical City in Ortigas, she has achieved good progress.  She’s now out of the Acute Stroke Unit after spending four days there, and now beginning treatment and physical therapy both at the bedside and in the Physical Rehabilitation Section of the Medical City.  Hopefully she’ll get well enough to be home within the next week.  I’ll update you guys on her progress on some of my next posts.

Master Grade 1/100 MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam Limited Edition

Above  is my Master Grade 1/100 MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam, the limited edition MG Zeta Gundam Version 2.0 in the Karaba-White Unicorn colors. This was the Zeta Gundam unit used supposedly by Amuro Ray, the White Unicorn, in the Green Divers 0087 short and Gundam Evolve.

It is a limited edition kit, and I fell in love with it eversince I first saw it in Toycon 2007. I dilly-dallied in buying this kit there in the only stall selling it, and when I decided to get it, somebody had already bought a few minutes before, to my chagrin.

However, I found a kit available at Greattoys and bought it in the very next payday. And I’m glad to say that I really really glad I got it. I’m not really fond of the Zeta Gundam and its color scheme, but the white and gray color and velvet markings of the Zeta Unit made me fall in love with this Master Grade Gunpla.

More pics maybe in the future, when I complete the decaling process. Again I didn’t paint this since I don’t paint at all, and just did the sumi re process – inking of grooves and panels. I hope you like it.


Does anybody know what the heck this is?


I mean, what is the name for this monstrosity?

I know it’s a Gundam Hazel from Advance of Zeta, but what kind?

I checked the AOV section of MAHQ, and it gave me a zillion Hazel configurations. The pictures didn’t halp me much, except to tell me that the mobile suit is a gawdamn Hazel. The closest two to it is either the Hazel-Rah or the Advanced Hazel, but I can’t get the specs on the booster augmentation pack this thing is lugging behind it.

Is it a Hazel mod? I hope not, coz I really fuckin’ want one! I don’t wanna spend valuable time modding this when I dunno what parts to use!


Gawd, if I have one of these, I’ll be the happiest Gunpla-making SOB in the planet. I can think of a gazillion things I could do with this. I’m gonna post all gazillion of them – maybe just a few.

  1. I can conquer the world.
  2. I can end all wars.
  3. I can scare all robbers to my house.
  4. I can overthrow this crazy government of ours, and start a Gundamcracy.
  5. If I had a daughter, I’d fricking terrify all of her potential suitors and kill the boyfriends until she was forty.

But all I can do now is find out what the heck the name of this bloody Gundam Hazel is, and save enough money to buy it before Christmas.

Or plan a heist on the Central Bank, steal a couple of billion, go to Japan and get this one there.


(Photo courtesy of

Mirroring A Recent Past

Early Sunday morning, may preparations to going to early Mass was interrupted by a phone call on my mobile. At first I thought it was sacred_essence, who had the penchant of calling me this early in the morning. But then I remembered that she was attending the dawn service of her congregation, and that she only calls me on thelandline, not my mobile. I was surprised to see my cousin, Jinno, as the one calling me on the other end. But I wasn’t ready for what he said after I answered his call.

Jinno broke the news as gently as he could – his mom, my Tita Gigi, was having a stroke, and that he and his dad and elder brother had taken her to the hospital. It took a second for it to register before the full reality of the news hit me. The news brought back memories – my Dad suffered three strokes of the same kind, and I was remembering the feeling of fear and helplessness for those around him who love him and want to care for him, but don’t know what to do and frightened at what he was experiencing.

I rushed to my Mom and told her the news immediately. Tita Gigi was my Mom’s youngest sibling in her brood, and therefore special to her. Also, my tita’s family was there for us when Dad went down with his last stroke, and so I felt a debt of honor to them that I know I can never completely pay, but willing to give increments to. Mom took the shock with grace, and we both decided that I should go to the hospital immediately to rush to my aunt’s side. With another of my Mom’s sisters as my companion, we got to the ER and found myTita.

At first glance, Tita Gigi was lucid. My comment at the time was she was going to be fine because she was “malikot” – she was moving around restlessly in the hospital bed. By my experience with my father, I saw this as a good sign that the stroke was not that bad, but again my opinion was from an amateur point of view, and I knew that the stroke was still progressing. I answered the questions of my uncle and my two cousins as much as I can, and tried to comfort them any way I can think off. I was quiet and solemn most of the time, remaining sober, although my heart ached as I saw my favorite cousin,Nino the elder brother, was brought to tears. Jinno, the younger, was taking it stronger – he has the same strong and feisty personality as my Tita Gigi, and I know he get through better. But I can see the turmoil that was going thru my three relatives in their eyes.

After sending home my cousins to get clothes for their vigil in the hospital, the doctor arrived with the diagnosis – the left cortex of the brain was hit by the stroke, and more tests was to be done to see the extent of the damage there. The left side of myTita’s body was hit and currently weak – mobility was limited there. And her speech was impeeded – this is the worse damage a stroke on the left brain could inflict, at the same time she was having trouble swallowing.

The good news the doctor said that because my uncle noticed my Tita’s stroke early in the progression, medication was given early – not early enough to stop the stroke, like some medicines can, but early enough that it can be monitored and medicated by the hospital staff as well. Also, after a good four hours of waiting in the ER, myTita was admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit – an ICU-style ward for patients with a progressing stroke attack. Thankfully my Tita was brought in there, and the isolation allowed her to rest comfortably and peacefully. It’s a little tough for the family – visiting hours was severely limited to a few hours in the morning and evening, and there was no place to stay overnight. But we all agreed thatTita needed the rest and quiet, so we didn’t grumble or complain about it anymore.

With everything stabilizing at the hospital, my Tita Baby and I, together with my Uncle Noy, left the hospital, leaving my cousins to wait on their Mom, giving Uncle Noy to rest up at home. I arrived at home slightly after lunch, to the waiting crowd of relatives eager for news about my Tita Gigi. I filled them in on everything I can tell them, which they accepted gratefully and unanimously decided to visit my Tita Gigi later that afternoon, despite my warning that visitors and visiting hours was limited. My Mom went with some of my cousins, and I stayed home for the rest of the day to be with my Dad.

As of today, my Tita Gigi is still in the Acute Stroke Unit. By experience, I know that a stroke patient will spend at least a week in the hospital so that the stroke could subside and the patient be monitored – that was the SOP when my dad had his three strokes. While still in isolation, I believe its for the best for myTita . She will need all the rest she can get, so that the medicine and medical care will send the stroke away, and physical and occupational therapy will deal with bringing her back to her feet again. It will be a tough time ahead for myTita’s family – I can symphatize with what will be in store for them ahead. It will not be easy taking care of a relative stricken by a stroke, and my Mom and I have been goingthru this for the past six years now. But a lot of patience and love will help lighten the load, though it won’t take away all of the burden. It is a burden I have learned to carry, but what has happened to myTita felt to me like looking at a mirror at my recent past. I pray to God that all will be well with my Tita, and that she can recover as much as possible from this saddening development.

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 just posted a page on the Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007, held yesterday in Tokyo. The show is one of the premier Gundam expositions in the world, and I would kill for a chance to go to Japan just to participate in one.

The website put up a lot of interesting Gundam and Gunpla stuff, including more releases for the new Gundam 00 anime series, including a Gunpla of the Ptolemaois – the main warship of the series; 1/144 HG, 1/60 Big Scale and MSIAs of the four new main Gundams; a PSP Gundam game (I forgot the title); interesting dioramas of a Zaku head and a Type 3 Space Colony; the Gundam Card Network Arcade Game, a first look at the Master Grade versions of the Turn A Gundam and the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundams, numbered as MG 100 and MG 101 respectively; and 1/20 scale models of several Gundams. Pictures of these items can be found on the link above.

But to me, the highlight of the show – and the one that definitely dropped my jaw when I saw the pic, was the 1/20 scale (about a six-footer version) of the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam. I have the pic here courtesy of

1/20 Strike Freedom Gundam


Hopefuly more stuff will come out. But for that, check out the links at Gunota Headlines via the links and feeds here on my blog.