Gundam 30th Anniversary Series

I stumbled upon this link at Winterheim’s excellent site, and read it also at Danny Choo. I decided to post it here for those who don’t visit the two sites.

Gundam 30th Anniversary Series (Image courtesy of Danny Choo)

Gundam 30th Anniversary Series

No specific title yet, but it’s definitely Universal Century and involves a variant of the RX-78-7 7th Gundam. This will be the next Gundam Series, right after Gundam 00 ends.

What do you guys think?

Personally, I love the return to the old-school, with Katoki again the primary MS designer, and the UC storyline be reborn and explored once more. This is definitely a winner for BANDAI and Sunrise.

(Image courtesy of Danny Choo)


My Road To Immortality: Playing ZXOnline.Ph

Recently I discovered a new hobby. I won’t call it a passion yet, since basically I’ve just started exploring this new world. I’ve adventured in universes of fantasy in pen-and-paper role-playing games before, and role-played characters as well in video games, but I never really got into where a lot of us in the Internet generation are living another life in – massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPG.

Like in a lot of countries in this global village, connected by the magic of the World Wide Web, MMORPG are world inside our real world, where we take on the roles of heroes and villains as we adventure in the fictional realms, slaying monsters, solving mysteries and collecting treasure, as we interact with each other’s avatars and characters. And now, I find myself adventuring in one such world – the world of Zhu Xian, in the MMORPG, ZXOnline.Ph.

ZXOnline.Ph is the Philippine version of China’s most popular MMORPG in 2007. Set in an Oriental based world around the time before the Three Kingdoms Period of China, the game has characters playing alter-egos out on the road to immortality, power, fame and love.
Alto at Level 18 at Limpidity Hall.  He's actually Level 19 now at posting of this blog article.
For myself, I roleplay Alto, a Disciple of the Azure Cloud School. The Azure Cloud are the rangers/magic-users of ZXOnline.Ph, specializing in devastating mid-to-long ranged attacks with sword and magic. Right now I’m beginning my quests as a new member of the Azure Cloud, having just joined them when I qualified at level 15. While my first choice was to be a member of the Ghost King Sect – the tanks or warrior class of ZXOnline.Ph, I grew to appreciate long-ranged magical attacks late in my novice levels (level 12-14), that even after I asked SE and my best friend as to which between a warrior or spellsword should I choose as a class after I reached level 15, I ignored both their choice of warrior. XDDD

Anyway I’m having fun here in ZXOnline.Ph, even though it is still in the Open Beta Testing stage. Hopefully the bugs of the system will be worked out before the commercial release, but I do believe I’ll be romping around Zhu Xian, firing spells from talisman and cutting down monsters with my sword for a while.

Fateful Meeting: Alto and the Snow Princess, Lu Xueqi

And with the rate that I’m enjoying ZXOnline.Ph, maybe even for a very long time. The journey to immortality winds through a very long road indeed.

Post Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Date


Went to Greenhills with SE.

Gave SE a Googly Bear (aka Mojo-kun)

Gave SE some butterscotch.

SE got another Pink Haro at GT, Gundam 00 Bikini Girls Gashas from Wasabi Toys, and a Lacus Clyne White Symphony Concert Gashapon from a seller.

SE's Post Valentine's Hauls

Underwent mild depression as I missed buying the last Figma Miku Hatsune at Wasabi Toys.

Had lunch at Burgoo’s.


My attempt at art at Burgoo's... XDDD

Saw Maddie on a date with her S.O. XDDD

Contemplated eating butong pakwan at the movies.

Saw “Valkyrie” as a non-typical Valentine’s date movie.

Bought a Miku Hatsune Nendoroid for myself. XDDD

Miku Hatsune Nendoroid!

I leave the details and more pics to SE. XDDD

On Over-Possessive Parenting

My inaanak (godchild), the only child of my cousin Myles, is encountering the same problem that her mother went thru when we were kids – having to deal with a very strict and possessive grandmother, my Mom’s elder sister.

You see, my cousin was raised by her mother alone, and my Tita (Aunt) is a tad too possessive about restricting my cousin’s movements.  And this evolve into some complications when my cousin rebelled, and my cousin went thru problems with her own marriage, which ended in annulment.

This time, my Tita’s over-possessiveness is concentrated at my inaanak, and I can see that the young girl (she’s 13 and entering high school next summer) is struggling to deal with it, and is becoming overstressed.  Just like her mother before, my tita is restricting her movements (even with her own mother) and I feel that it’s reflecting badly on my inaanak.  She’s now showing some bad habits, that, while I can place as something a typical teen might develop, I still feel as a tad more rebellious than most.

I have an easy time relating with my inaanak, since we’re both otakus and anime fans.  I lend her some anime that I have, and she gives me advice on what anime is good to watch and manga to read as well.  I might have tag along during the next anime con, since her mom told me that my inaanak hasn’t been to any anime event yet.   And I’m proud of her since she’s a straight A student, and looks to have passed the entrance exam of a prestigious science high school in Makati that she – and not her grandmother or mother – really wanted to enter.

But then again, I am concerned about the stress I see building up inside her.  While I might not be the model youth I was when I was younger, at least my folks let me decide on what I want to do or to be, as long as I was responsible enough.  I know I won’t be able to take the stress of over-restrictiveness that my tita is showing her granddaughter, and I know my cousin is also stressing over what her daughter is going thru.  There had been confrontation and fights, and the atmosphere between them is gloomy at best.  Even my mom and her sisters get into arguments with my tita about this touchy subject.

Hopefully she can cope with it.  All I can do is support her mom thru advice, and maybe just reach out more to my inaanak thru our common otaku interests.

What are you’re thoughts about parents being over-protective or over-possessive?  Any suggestions on how I can help or guide my inaanak with this problem?

Practical Valentine

Looking around the Metro, I don’t see much of a Valentine’s Day atmosphere and on a payday Friday to boot.

I’m looking at the commercialized aspect of the holiday, rather than the moral and emotional one.

I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s happy at the thought that I have a significant other who loves me and I love back, and not necessarily celebrating it by splurging on an extravagant date. I’ll be going out with my S.O. on Sunday, but we both agreed that we should keep it simple, yet fun and full of love.

But from what I see, Valentines dropped in importance in terms of consumers and economy. People seems to be avoiding buying the usual Valentine’s staples such as roses and chocolates.

I was listening to Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon on their daily morning show in DZMM, and they commented that in Dangwa, a rose was already going for PHP 100.00, (Columbian roses are now at P 1,200.00 a piece) when normally you can get a dozen of them for PHP 250.00. And they said that we shouldn’t think of going to classy flower shops – if we do, we should have our brains checked.

I don’t see much Valentine’s decorations and ads in the environment as well. A scarce few, yes, but this year it’s not as garish or far-spread as recent years. Even the hotels and motel are not as aggressive in their advertising and promos – I barely saw any promos of lodging at all.

I guess Filipinos are becoming more practical in spending, specially in terms of holiday spending. Given that Valentines follows our very long Christmas holidays, Valentines has become rather low priority. And the effects of the “global economic crisis” probably didn’t help as well.

For lovebirds out there, I suggest being practical. You can spend Valentine’s with your partner without blowing your budget. A simple lunch or dinner in a nice place, plus a few trinklets as gifts would cheer up you partner a lot – as always, it’s the thought that counts. Just being with your partner on Valentine’s will mean a lot to him/her.

Macross Day

We have reached a milestone in anime history.

Today, February 7, 2009, is supposed to be the day when the story of Macross, that great mecha and musical anime that started a lot of trends in modern and contemporary anime, truly begins.

According to the story of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, February 7, 2009 is supposed to be the day of the SDF-1 Macross’ launch celebrations on South Ataria Island, a fictional island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Today is supposed to be the day that Hikaru Ichijoe, a young, brash stunt pilot, arrives on the island at his best friend’s invitation, and crosses paths with Lynn Minmay, a young and beautiful Chinese girl living on the island with her dreams of stardom, and Misa Hayase, the taciturn young UN Spacy officer who strives to make her career work.

Today is also supposed to be the day when the Zentraedi, a race of giant humanoids, arrives on Earthspace to capture the SDF-1 Macross, and start an instellar war that engulfs the Humans of Earth.

Today is supposed to be the beginning of an epic adventure in space, when two races, similar and different, come to terms with their conflict and discover a joint destiny bound by the power of culture and music, hands held together by magical voice of a beautiful songstress…

So if you happen to look up to the sky and dream the dream of Macross today, remember how significant this day is to your life and to the history of anime as well. Who knows – you might be able to see a gigantic battlepod drop from the sky, with human jet planes transforming into technoknights out to defend the Earth, in front of the massive space battleship carrying the honored name of Macross, flying to save the Earth, and fulfill its destiny.

Happy Macross Day!

UC’s Top Anime 50 Bishoujos List XDDDD

UC’s Top Anime 50 Bishoujos List

(Updated Feb 6, 2009!)

After not updating it since 2006, it’s back! Ready your blacklists people hehehe

1. Lacus Clyne of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED Destiny

2. Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier

3. Fllay Allster of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

4. Yoko Ritona of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

5. Konata Izumi of Lucky Star

6. Lynn Minmay of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

7. Eri Sawachika of School Rumble

8. Haruhi Suzumiya of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

9. Kagami Hiiragi of Lucky Star

10. Euphemia Li Britannia of Code GEASS

11. Aina Sahalin of Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team

12. Barnette Orangello of Vandread

13. Lunamaria Hawke of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

14. Millia Fallia Jenius of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross/Macross 7

15. Ranka Lee of Macross Frontier

16. Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid

17. Meyrin Hawke of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

18. Kallen Kouzuki of Code GEASS

19. Misa Hayase of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

20. Sakura Shinguuji of Sakura Taisen

21. Asuka Soryu Langley of Neon Genesis Evangelion

22. Cagalli Yulla Attha of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny

23. Mizuho Kazami of Onegai Teacher / Onegai Twins

24. Fuko Ibuki of CLANNAD

25. Nanase Matsuura of Macross Frontier

26. Klan Klan of Macross Frontier

27. C.C. of Code GEASS

28. Saya Otonashi of Blood +

29. Kana Minami of Minami-ke

30. Tsukasa Hiiragi of Lucky Star

31. Miyuki Takara of Lucky Star

32. Mikuru Asahina of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

33. Feldt Grace of of Mobile Suit Gundam 00

34. Rangiku Matsumoto of Bleach

35. Yuki Nagato of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

36. Chiaki Minami of Minami-ke

37. Chidori Kaname of Full Metal Panic

38. Milly Ashford of Code GEASS

39. Koishi Herikawa of Onegai Teacher

40. Murrue Ramius of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny

41. Astharoshe Asran of Trinity Blood

42. Blair of Soul Eater

43. Naru Narusegawa of Love Hina

44. Kyou Fujibayashi of CLANNAD

45. Yakumo Tsukamoto of School Rumble

46. Cathy Glass of Macross Frontier

47. Tsubaki Nakutsukasa of Soul Eater

48. Kanako Ohno of Genshiken

49. Meia Gisborne of Vandread

50. Rook Bartley of Robotech

Notable Mentions:

51. Nagisa Furukawa of CLANNAD

52. Sumeragi Lee Noriega of Mobile Suit Gundam 00

53. Kotomi Ichinose of CLANNAD

54. Rei of EX-Driver

55. Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion

56. Myung Fang Lone of Macross Plus

57. Soma Peires of Mobile Suit Gundam 00

58. Belldandy of Oh/Ah My Goddess!

59. Kaoru Kamiya of Ruruoni Kenshin

60. Momo Hinamori of Bleach

Please check if any bishie doubled on the list.  And violent and non-violent reactions are appreciated XDDDDDD