Practical Valentine

Looking around the Metro, I don’t see much of a Valentine’s Day atmosphere and on a payday Friday to boot.

I’m looking at the commercialized aspect of the holiday, rather than the moral and emotional one.

I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s happy at the thought that I have a significant other who loves me and I love back, and not necessarily celebrating it by splurging on an extravagant date. I’ll be going out with my S.O. on Sunday, but we both agreed that we should keep it simple, yet fun and full of love.

But from what I see, Valentines dropped in importance in terms of consumers and economy. People seems to be avoiding buying the usual Valentine’s staples such as roses and chocolates.

I was listening to Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon on their daily morning show in DZMM, and they commented that in Dangwa, a rose was already going for PHP 100.00, (Columbian roses are now at P 1,200.00 a piece) when normally you can get a dozen of them for PHP 250.00. And they said that we shouldn’t think of going to classy flower shops – if we do, we should have our brains checked.

I don’t see much Valentine’s decorations and ads in the environment as well. A scarce few, yes, but this year it’s not as garish or far-spread as recent years. Even the hotels and motel are not as aggressive in their advertising and promos – I barely saw any promos of lodging at all.

I guess Filipinos are becoming more practical in spending, specially in terms of holiday spending. Given that Valentines follows our very long Christmas holidays, Valentines has become rather low priority. And the effects of the “global economic crisis” probably didn’t help as well.

For lovebirds out there, I suggest being practical. You can spend Valentine’s with your partner without blowing your budget. A simple lunch or dinner in a nice place, plus a few trinklets as gifts would cheer up you partner a lot – as always, it’s the thought that counts. Just being with your partner on Valentine’s will mean a lot to him/her.