BANDAI VF100s 1/100 Scale Hi Metal VF-19Kai Fire Valkyrie

Latest Valkyrie in the collection: BANDAI VF100s 1/100 Scale Hi Metal VF-19Kai Fire Valkyrie, galaxy-romping rock star Basara Nekki’s guitar-controlled custom Variable Fighter from the Macross anime, Macross 7.

Here’s the introductory text about the mecha printed on the toy’s box:

“The VF-19 Kai Excalibur Basara Nekki Special (Common Name: Fire Valkyrie) is a modified version of the VF-19 Excalibur that was used prior to the VF-19’s employment by the Macross 7 Fleet.  This fighter is flown by Basara Nekki, the vocalist of ‘Fire Bomber’, a popular rock ban in the Macross 7 Fleet.

In addition to cutting-edge performance the fighter’s design has a ‘musical’ emphasis, and serves a test model for the use of musical energy.

Secretly employed by the UN Spacey, the fighter was initially seen to be a potential disturbance to the Diamond Force elite squadron, as well as regular fighter divisions, and squadron attachment was left unclear.  However, as Basara’s song perservered through battle, Basara and the Fire Valkyrie were soon to become acknowledged by the entire fleet for their central role in the battle against the enemy Protodeviln.”

I spent an hour and a half at Greattoys Greenhills yesterday just to wait for Sir Malvin’s (GT’s owner and CEO) email regarding the price for the Valkyrie. The Valk just arrived in yesterday evening’s shipment, so Sir Malvin wasn’t finished with the pricing for the new items when I got to GT. I was choosing either the Valk or a Tamashii Nation Energy Illumination Finish Side KMF Lancelot Albion, but being more of a Macross fan rather than a Code Geass one, I chose this one instead.

No time to transform it to Gerwalk or Battroid, and given my notorious laziness for tinkering with new toys, it’ll be awhile till I do. No time for reviewing the Valkyrie yet, but I’m more or less pleased with it for now.

Hope you liked the Fire Valkyrie! 🙂

Post Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Date


Went to Greenhills with SE.

Gave SE a Googly Bear (aka Mojo-kun)

Gave SE some butterscotch.

SE got another Pink Haro at GT, Gundam 00 Bikini Girls Gashas from Wasabi Toys, and a Lacus Clyne White Symphony Concert Gashapon from a seller.

SE's Post Valentine's Hauls

Underwent mild depression as I missed buying the last Figma Miku Hatsune at Wasabi Toys.

Had lunch at Burgoo’s.


My attempt at art at Burgoo's... XDDD

Saw Maddie on a date with her S.O. XDDD

Contemplated eating butong pakwan at the movies.

Saw “Valkyrie” as a non-typical Valentine’s date movie.

Bought a Miku Hatsune Nendoroid for myself. XDDD

Miku Hatsune Nendoroid!

I leave the details and more pics to SE. XDDD