BANDAI VF100s 1/100 Scale Hi Metal VF-19Kai Fire Valkyrie

Latest Valkyrie in the collection: BANDAI VF100s 1/100 Scale Hi Metal VF-19Kai Fire Valkyrie, galaxy-romping rock star Basara Nekki’s guitar-controlled custom Variable Fighter from the Macross anime, Macross 7.

Here’s the introductory text about the mecha printed on the toy’s box:

“The VF-19 Kai Excalibur Basara Nekki Special (Common Name: Fire Valkyrie) is a modified version of the VF-19 Excalibur that was used prior to the VF-19’s employment by the Macross 7 Fleet.  This fighter is flown by Basara Nekki, the vocalist of ‘Fire Bomber’, a popular rock ban in the Macross 7 Fleet.

In addition to cutting-edge performance the fighter’s design has a ‘musical’ emphasis, and serves a test model for the use of musical energy.

Secretly employed by the UN Spacey, the fighter was initially seen to be a potential disturbance to the Diamond Force elite squadron, as well as regular fighter divisions, and squadron attachment was left unclear.  However, as Basara’s song perservered through battle, Basara and the Fire Valkyrie were soon to become acknowledged by the entire fleet for their central role in the battle against the enemy Protodeviln.”

I spent an hour and a half at Greattoys Greenhills yesterday just to wait for Sir Malvin’s (GT’s owner and CEO) email regarding the price for the Valkyrie. The Valk just arrived in yesterday evening’s shipment, so Sir Malvin wasn’t finished with the pricing for the new items when I got to GT. I was choosing either the Valk or a Tamashii Nation Energy Illumination Finish Side KMF Lancelot Albion, but being more of a Macross fan rather than a Code Geass one, I chose this one instead.

No time to transform it to Gerwalk or Battroid, and given my notorious laziness for tinkering with new toys, it’ll be awhile till I do. No time for reviewing the Valkyrie yet, but I’m more or less pleased with it for now.

Hope you liked the Fire Valkyrie! 🙂

BANDAI 1/60 DX-Chogokin VF-25F Super Messiah from Macross Frontier

My major Christmas toy haul:

BANDAI 1/60 DX-Chogokin VF-25F Super Messiah from Macross Frontier

The Box

The Contents

Fighter Mode

Gerwalk Mode

Battroid Mode

I haven’t opened the plastic casing for the Super Pack armor parts and the display stand since I’ve been busy of late. I’ll do that when I find the chance.

More pics of this wonderful toy to come!

Sneak Peek: 1/72 Scale VF-25 Super Parts + Future Hauls XDDD

Finally got the 1/72 Scale VF-25 Super Parts for my 1/72 Scale VF-25 Messiah Alto Custom Valkyrie by BANDAI.

VF-25 Super Parts 1

I just came back from Glorrietta where I met M1gs, the guy who ordered it for me from Rainbow 10 Japan. We were both early for the meet, and the transaction went smoothly. Too bad I didn’t get the dibs on the few Sheryl Nome custom decals for the Messiahs from him, since he only got a few and people reserved those before me. But I’m happy with my Super Parts and M1gs promised that I’ll get priority on the next batch of decals he gets his hands on.

First impression on the Super Parts is that you may have to do some modding with your Messiahs to install them – modding in the sense that you may have to remove certain parts of the basic Messiah and replace them with the Super Parts. But I don’t think that would be much of a problem, especially if your Messiah is snap-built but not sealed. I’ll check on this more when I start the build for the Super Parts next week.

VF-25 Super Parts 2

Other details I’m happy with is that the Super Parts comes with four sets of colors on the decal pads– the color schemes for the Alto, Ozma, Luca and Mikhail Customs. The detail looks great, especially on the thruster nozzles. You can also open the chest-mounted missile launchers to reveal the canister-type missiles inside. Finally, the set comes with a communications sensor array antennae, similar to the one used by Luca’s Messiah.

Basically I happy with the Super Parts, and hopefully if I have time in the evenings I can start on this next week.

Also (much to my Significant Other SE’s wonder XD), I’ve pre-ordered from Wasabi Toys the new Figma Lucky Star Miku Miku Kagami from Good Smile Company.

Figma Miku Miku Kagamin!

This new Figma has Lucky Star’s resident tsundere Hiiragi Kagami cosplaying Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, much like when she was forced to my Izumi Konata in last year’s Lucky Star OVA. I figured since I’m getting a little interested in Figmas and Nendoroids, and since Kagami and Miku are two of my fave bishoujo anime charas, I figured that this new Figma is an excellent two-in-one deal. I can’t wait to get the Figma, listed on Wasabi to be available in May, but I think I’ll probably get it come the time of ToyCon 2009.

Finally I’m seriously thinking of getting the 1/72 Scale VF-25G Messiah Mikhail Custom, which would be available come the end of March as well, but since I have a lot of stuff lined up for this month’s otaku budget, I’m still about 50% undecided about this. I’ll update if I do decide to get it by early April. I’m planning to use the Sheryl Nome Custom Decals on the Mikhail Custom Messiah, since Sheryl in the anime once flew Mikhail’s Valk, with fun and spectacular results XD

That’s all for now!