My Road To Immortality: Playing ZXOnline.Ph

Recently I discovered a new hobby. I won’t call it a passion yet, since basically I’ve just started exploring this new world. I’ve adventured in universes of fantasy in pen-and-paper role-playing games before, and role-played characters as well in video games, but I never really got into where a lot of us in the Internet generation are living another life in – massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPG.

Like in a lot of countries in this global village, connected by the magic of the World Wide Web, MMORPG are world inside our real world, where we take on the roles of heroes and villains as we adventure in the fictional realms, slaying monsters, solving mysteries and collecting treasure, as we interact with each other’s avatars and characters. And now, I find myself adventuring in one such world – the world of Zhu Xian, in the MMORPG, ZXOnline.Ph.

ZXOnline.Ph is the Philippine version of China’s most popular MMORPG in 2007. Set in an Oriental based world around the time before the Three Kingdoms Period of China, the game has characters playing alter-egos out on the road to immortality, power, fame and love.
Alto at Level 18 at Limpidity Hall.  He's actually Level 19 now at posting of this blog article.
For myself, I roleplay Alto, a Disciple of the Azure Cloud School. The Azure Cloud are the rangers/magic-users of ZXOnline.Ph, specializing in devastating mid-to-long ranged attacks with sword and magic. Right now I’m beginning my quests as a new member of the Azure Cloud, having just joined them when I qualified at level 15. While my first choice was to be a member of the Ghost King Sect – the tanks or warrior class of ZXOnline.Ph, I grew to appreciate long-ranged magical attacks late in my novice levels (level 12-14), that even after I asked SE and my best friend as to which between a warrior or spellsword should I choose as a class after I reached level 15, I ignored both their choice of warrior. XDDD

Anyway I’m having fun here in ZXOnline.Ph, even though it is still in the Open Beta Testing stage. Hopefully the bugs of the system will be worked out before the commercial release, but I do believe I’ll be romping around Zhu Xian, firing spells from talisman and cutting down monsters with my sword for a while.

Fateful Meeting: Alto and the Snow Princess, Lu Xueqi

And with the rate that I’m enjoying ZXOnline.Ph, maybe even for a very long time. The journey to immortality winds through a very long road indeed.