Name: Ultimate Coordinator

Real Name: J.C.M. (Fill in the blanks, people XD)

Location: In the community of “P” in Metro Manila, Philippines

Sex: Yes, please… (err… uh… excuse… I’m a straight-metrosexual-Male)

Status: In love and happy with my S.O.

Age: 35

Religion: Roman Catholic

Educational Attainment

Elementary Level – Colegio San Agustin, Makati

Secondary Level – Colegio San Agustin, Makati

College – AB in Organizational Communications, University of the Philippines, Manila

Occupation: Political Party Consultant

Preferred Occupation: Gundam Pilot

Work Experience:

Service Crew – MacDonalds, Glorrietta Park, 1991

Driver/Cook/Waiter/Procurement Agent – My Mom’s Canteen Concession at the Supreme Court of the Philippines, 1994-1996

National Campaign Election Education Staff, 1995 National Elections – Lakas-NUCD-UMDP, 1995

Staffer – Office of Youth Affairs, Lakas NUCD-UMDP, 1995-1996

Staffer – Office of Legal Affairs, Lakas NUCD-UMDP, 1996-1997

National Campaign Election Education Staff, 1998 National Elections, Lakas NUCD-UMDP, 1998

Political Consultant for Senator Teofisto Guingona, Jr., Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, 1998-2001

Local Election Education Staff for several local and congressional candidates – 1998-2002

Initial Incorporator and Senior Technical Manager – WebPlus Incorporated, 1999-2004

Political Career

Barangay Councilman – 2002-2004

Municipal Councilor – 2004 -2007, 2007-2010

Affiliated Groups

Knights of Columbus, International

Beta Omega Fraternity, Philippines


Gunpla, cars, car audio, reading books and novels, watching anime, Internet forums, fanfic writing,


Basketball, football, billiards, badminton

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