Kira And Lacus

This is the portal to my Gundam SEED fanfics on Fanfiction.Net. I have two stories there – a short one-shot and a very long epic novella – and hopefully you’ll like them both.

Ruins & Legacies

Chapter 01

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Renaissance


Phase One: The Darkness Falling From The Sky

Phase Two: The Waltz Of The Wraith

Phase Three: Images And Leavings

Phase Four: Dreams, Wishes And Nightmares

Phase Five: Meetings

Phase Six: Confrontations

Phase Seven: The Calm Before The Storm

Phase Eight: The Fires Of The Last Night Of The Year

Phase Nine: Angels In A Storm

Phase Ten: The Terror In The Southern Sky

Phase Eleven: The Minds Of Altered Children

Phase Twelve: The End Of The Beginning

One Response

  1. sweet action another fanfic writer nice to meet you, can’t wait to read your stuff, hey maybe you can help me on mine, its not gundam but it is Macross 7 and robotech

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