Kira Yamato


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“Give them to me…

And I’ll open it.


No, but this is…


It’s all right…

I’m fine already, Lacus.




To stay like this,

And not be able to protect any of you

Is much more painful…




So, please give me the keys…”


~ Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne

                Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

                Phase 13



Kira Yamato

Paladin of Freedom





Name: Kira Yamato

OCC: Orb Defense Force Commissioned Officer

Specialization: Orb Defense Force Mobile Suit Pilot MOS

Race: Human

Gene: Coordinator (Ultimate Coordinator)

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Alignment: Principled

Rank: Major General

OCC Level: 14

Seed Level: 7

Newtype Kind: Developing Newtype

Newtype Level: 5

Newtype Points: 78

Hit Points: 51

SDC: 44



IQ: 20                         

ME: 19

MA: 20

PS: 17

PP: 24

PE: 22

PB: 17

SPD: 17


OCC Skills:

Basic Strategy/Tactics 98%

Military Etiquette 98%

Military History 98%

Literacy 98%

General History 98%

Computer Operation 98%

Radio Basic 98%

First Aid 98%

WP Pistol

WP Assault Rifle

Hand-To-Hand Expert

Public Speaking 98%

Strategy Advanced 98%

Pilot Mobile Suit 98%

Mobile Suit Combat: GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

Tactics: Mobile Suit 98%

Weapons Systems, Mobile Suit 98%

Read Sensory Equipment 98%

Navigation, Sea 98%

Navigation, Air 98%

Navigation, Land 98%

Navigation, Space 98%

EVA 98%

Zero Gravity Movement 98%

Hand-To-Hand Zero Gravity


Secondary Skills:

Pilot Spacecraft 98%

Pilot Space Shuttle 98%

Pilot Automobile 98%

Pilot Mobile Armor 98%

Mobile Suit Combat: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

Mobile Suit Combat: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

Math Basic 98%

Basic Mechanics 98%

Computer Programming 98%

Computer Programming (GUNDAM OS) 98%

Computer Networks 98%

Mobile Armor Combat: METEOR System

Cook 98%

Mobile Suit Mechanics 85%

Meditation (1hr. 45 min.)

Weapons Systems: Mobile Armor

Weapons Systems: DRAGOON


Hand-To-Hand Combat


Hand to hand combat type: Expert

Number of Attacks/Melee: 5

Strike/Parry/Dodge: +2/+3/+3

Roll With Fall or Impact: +2

Kick Attack 1D6+3 SD

Body Flip 1D6+3 SD

Critical Strike/Knockout/Stun on unmodified 18, 19, 20

Paired Weapons

Critical Strike/Knockout/Stun from behind


Mobile Suit Combat Training Bonuses:


Basic Training for Mobile Suit pilots
  • Requires Pilot Mobile Suit
  • 2 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot)
  • Add one additional action/attack at levels three, nine and fifteen.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +1 to strike
  • +1 to parry
  • +1 to dodge
  • No bonus to dodge in space.
  • +1 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
  • No leap dodge
  • Critical strike same as pilot’s hand-to-hand.



Advanced training for pilots specializing in the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam.

  • Requires Mobile Suit Combat: GAT-X105 Strike
  • Ability to dock with Striker Packs while in combat. It takes one full melee round for the Striker Packs to dock with Strike, and no attacks or maneuvering can be done on that round.
  • 4 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot)
  • Add one additional action/attack at levels two, five, seven, and ten.
  • +2 on initiative
  • +2 to strike
  • +3 to parry
  • +2 to dodge with Launcher Striker Pack; +3 in Normal mode and with Sword Striker Pack; +4 with Aile Striker Pack
  • +2 bonus to dodge when in space to all modes
  • +2 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
  • +3 to leap dodge. A leap dodge is an automatic dodge that causes no loss of attacks per melee. The mobile suits are so maneuverable that the pilot can dodge an attack while moving to counterattack an enemy.
  • Critical strike same as pilot’s hand-to-hand.
  • Body block/tackle/ram – 2D4 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.


Advanced training for pilots specializing in the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam.

  • Requires Mobile Suit Combat: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam
  • 6 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot)
  • Add one additional action/attack at levels two, five, seven, ten and twelve.
  • +5 on initiative
  • +5 to strike in Normal mode (+7 in HiMAT mode)
  • +5 to parry
  • +5 to dodge in normal mode, +8 to dodge in HiMAT mode
  • +3 bonus to dodge when in space to all modes
  • +4 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
  • +4 to leap dodge. A leap dodge is an automatic dodge that causes no loss of attacks per melee. The mobile suits are so maneuverable that the pilot can dodge an attack while moving to counterattack an enemy.
  • Critical strike same as pilot’s hand-to-hand.
  • Body block/tackle/ram – 2D4 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.


Advanced training for pilots specializing in the METEOR system.

  • Requires Mobile Suit Combat: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam and Mobile Armor Combat: METEOR System
  • Training bonuses and skill can only be used when the METEOR is docked with the Freedom Gundam.  It takes one full melee round for the METEOR to dock with Freedom, and no attacks or maneuvering can be done on that round.
  • 6 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot and the Freedom)
  • Add one additional action/attack at levels two, five, seven, ten and twelve.
  • +1 on initiative
  • +1 to strike in Normal mode (+2 in HiMAT mode)
  • +2 to parry
  • +2 to dodge in normal mode, +3 to dodge in HiMAT mode
  • +2 to roll with a punch or fall with an impact, reducing damage by half.
  • +2 to leap dodge. A leap dodge is an automatic dodge that causes no loss of attacks per melee. The mobile suits are so maneuverable that the pilot can dodge an attack while moving to counterattack an enemy.
  • Critical strike same as pilot’s hand-to-hand.
  • Body block/tackle/ram – 2D4 M.D. plus a 50% chance of knocking an opponent down, causing him to loose initiative and one attack that melee round.











Personal Notes:

Birth Day: May 18, CE 55

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Violet

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 160 lbs.

Build: Lean

Blood Type: A


  • Ulen Hibiki (father, deceased)
  • Via Hibiki (mother, deceased)
  • Haruma Yamato (adopted father)
  • Caridad Yamato (adopted mother)
  • Cagalli Yula Attha (twin sister)
  • Canard Pars (probable older brother)


Allegiance: Orb Union, Clyne Faction, Three Ships Alliance


Character Profile:

A loud and playful boy when he was younger, Kira Yamato’s experience during the wars is a long journey that greatly changes him.  Unwillingly drawn into the conflict and forced to fight to protect those dear to him, he was exposed to the horrors and violence of warfare at the young age of sixteen.  He was hurt by the discrimination he received from Naturals for being a Coordinator, even though he was fighting against the Coordinators for his Natural allies.  He was also hurting from the fact that in order to protect his friends from Heliopolis he had to face the fact that his best friend, Athrun Zala, was now, by default, his enemy.


Kira also has the SEED, a state of mind that enhances his senses and physical strength and reflexes, making him a warrior beyond compare, both respected and feared in the battlefield by friend and foe alike.  A strong desire to protect drives Kira into SEED mode, although he did not realize this in the beginning of his journey.


At first Kira bravely tried to bear the emotional and physical stress and responsibilities as a mobile suit pilot as well as he could.  But events culminating in the death of a child he knew escaping on a refugee shuttle tips Kira over the edge, ending in Kira having a breakdown.  This leaves Kira vulnerable emotionally, and was easily seduced and manipulated by Fllay Alster, another student from Heliopolis and his short-lived lover on the Archangel.  Fllay toyed with Kira’s emotions and drove him to reckless abandon when fighting against the enemy.  Even though Fllay eventually realizes that she really loved Kira and was truly remorseful for hurting him, her death at end of the war is a scar that Kira still carries in his heart in the present day.  Kira feels responsible for her death, and this is a wound deeply affecting him.


The turning point of Kira’s sad, painful road to emotional healing and maturity began with his second encounter with Lacus Clyne, the young Coordinator songstress.  Lacus was responsible for Kira’s recovery after being rescued from the burning wreckage of the Strike Gundam.  Lacus’ love and tender care, mixed with her strong will slowly steered Kira to the right path, and Kira began to accept the realities he experienced.  Lacus’ pacifist philosophies influenced Kira, and he realized that he had to find a way to stop the fighting and bring an end to the war.  Lacus risked her life and her family’s to give Kira the Freedom Gundam, and supported him by starting the Clyne Faction, a group of like-minded individuals seeking the way to peace between Coordinators and Naturals. Reunited with his long lost twin sister Cagalli Yula Attha and joining forces with Athrun, Kira and Clyne Faction to help put an end to the war.


The revelation by Rau La Creuset that Kira was the Ultimate Coordinator, a genetically enhanced Coordinator born not from his mother’s womb but from a strange genetic apparatus designed by his father to perfect the development of coordinator deeply troubled Kira at the latter days of the war.  Fueled by confusion by this revelation and pained by witnessing Fllay’s death by La Creuset’s hands, Kira fought La Creuset to the death, killing the megalomaniac clone and coming to the doors of death himself.  Kira ended the first war physically alive, but with emotions destroyed once again by the sad realities of war.


Accompanied by Lacus and his foster mother Caridad Yamato, Kira went into exile and lived in Reverend Malchio’s Marshall Islands orphanage for children whose families died in the war.  Again Lacus was the healing presence for Kira, as she helped heal Kira’s wounds.  The budding relationship between the young warrior and songstress that began during the war blossomed into true love in their quiet, peaceful time at the orphanage.


By the time of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, at 18 years old Kira has matured far more for his age.  He has become quiet and introspective.  Wisdom balanced with sadness can be seen in his eyes, which seemingly has a somber, far away look most of the time.  But though he seems weak and vulnerable, Kira has grown to become a strong and able leader who speaks decisively when the need arises.  He does not forget his painful experiences and memories of the first war, and uses the lessons learned to confront the troubles ahead.  With Lacus as his anchor emotionally, and family, friends and allies loyal to him at times of crisis, Kira has become a shining beacon for those who seek only peace, but forced to fight for it. 


By nature, Kira does not want to fight, and avoids conflict as much as possible.  But Kira reluctantly is drawn to fight if those who are dear to him is threatened.  He becomes impatient and frustrated when he feels the need to act but does not have the means to do it (as when the Freedom was destroyed). 


When in battle Kira is always strongly motivated to protect his friends.  Also he tries to avoid injuring or killing his enemies, and always tries to persuade them to withdraw and not fight. When in battle Kira uses his great skills to disable his enemies’ weapons and sensors, thus rendering them defenseless and forcing them to retreat defeated but unharmed.  He will not kill unless it is the very last option available.  Again this due to Lacus’ pacifistic influence on him, that the war can be solved without need for lives to be lost.  As a bearer of the SEED he uses this motivation to enter the enhanced state, which he could now do on at will.  Whether in SEED mode or not, Kira’s determination to protect is clearly shown in his eyes.


Kira is a kind, simple and trustworthy person.  He is a bit shy, but can be quite charming is his quiet way.  He is easy to like and very friendly when one gets to know him.  Kira is loyal to his friends and comrades, and will never abandon or betray them.  He adores children and is like an older brother to the kids at the orphanage.  He is a tech wizard, and is truly amazing at programming software and tinkering with computers. He treasures important gifts from important people, as in the case of Lacus’ ring and Torii, the robot bird Athrun made for him when they were younger. 


Kira cares for Athrun, who he treats like a true brother. He is protective and worries about his sister Cagalli, whose responsibilities as Orb’s leader are bearing down on her and how this affects her relationship with Athrun.  He looks up to and respects Murrue Ramius, Mu La Flaga and Andrew Waltfeld not only as authority figures and mentors, but like older siblings as well. He loves and cares about his foster parents, and feels guilt for having doubted them in the past.  Kira truly loves Lacus more than anyone in the world, and would eventually marry her in the near future.  He still has feelings for Fllay, but Kira is slowly letting go of her as he learns to forgive himself.  However, Kira will never forget Fllay, who was a major part in Kira’s painful trek to maturity.



Character Bio:


Kira Yamato is the protagonist of the television anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and a recurring character in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny. In the Japanese anime he was played by Hoshi Souichirou and in the English version he was played by Matt Hill.


In Gundam SEED, Kira is a Coordinator, and lived in the neutral colony Heliopolis with his friends. He got involved in the ZAFT attack on the colony and become the reluctant pilot of the GAT-X105 Strike, thus effectively enlisting in OMNI (the military of the Earth Alliance). Thereafter he followed the crew of the battleship Archangel in the fight against ZAFT. Based on the acronym of his mobile suit’s operating system, Kira coined the nickname “Gundam” for his machine.


After the pilot of the Strike, Kira often had to confront his childhood friend Athrun Zala, a ZAFT soldier. While Athrun was driven to fight to protect his nation, Kira was more concerned about his friends who were forced onboard the Archangel, whose officers decided not to surrender the ship. When Fllay Alster, Kira’s friend from Heliopolis, witnessed the death of her father by ZAFT hands, she started to discriminate Kira as a Coordinator. In emotional distress, she faked affection for him and eventually slept with him in order to make him kill all the Coordinators on her behalf.


This caused him to decide to officially become an Earth Alliance soldier. Soon after the destruction of the 8th fleet, his decision to pilot again the Strike caused the death of the survivors from Heliopolis whose ship accidentally crossed in the middle of his fight with the GAT-X102 Duel. This event would continue to haunt him for a long time. Fllay’s seductions would drive him use a more violent fighting style against the ZAFT forces who engaged the Archangel at the Desert in North Africa and the ones at the Indian Ocean.


Kira later ended this relationship, after realizing that he and Fllay were not right for each other. It is unclear whether he realized she was manipulating him or not. Soon, while again en route to the Alaskan Base JOSH-A, the Archangel is attacked by ZAFT forces, led by Athrun. During the initial skirmish, Kira damaged Athrun’s Aegis unit, and killed Nicol Amalfi, a friend of Athrun’s and pilot of the GAT-X207 Blitz. In a later confrontation with Athrun, Kira lost his GAT-X105 Strike unit and was seriously injured. Although many believed he had died, he woke far away on PLANT, in the mansion of Lacus Clyne.


It turned out that he had been pulled from the wreckage of the Strike by Junk Guild member Lowe Guele, who turned him over to the care of Reverend Malchio, a family friend of the Clyne family (Kira later had the opportunity to thank Guele when ReHOME delivered supplies for the Three Ships Alliance later in the war). However, it is during this time Kira developed affection towards Lacus. To assist Kira to end the fighting, Lacus stole and gave to Kira the ZAFT ZGMF-X10A Freedom prototype. Kira then returned to Earth and rescued the Archangel with the stolen MS. Following the Battle of JOSH-A, Archangel defected to ORB and later to the Clyne Faction. In Orb, Athrun joined the Archangel after defecting from ZAFT and brought with him the brother unit of the stolen Freedom, the ZGMF-X09A Justice.


Eventually Archangel, the ORB ship Kusanagi, and the Clyne Faction’s stolen ZAFT ship Eternal, formed the Three Ships Alliance, supported by Kira’s stolen ZGMF-X10A Freedom and Athrun’s ZGMF-X09A Justice units. This new group received assistance from the Junk Guild, and the prototype Archangel tender ship turned Junk Guild vessel ReHOME served as a tender ship for the TSA.


Towards the end of the Bloody Valentine War Kira learned that he was the Ultimate Coordinator; his fetus was artificially developed outside his mother’s womb. He was the first and the last fetus to be successfully developed using the apparatus. Kira also learned that he was the twin brother to Cagalli Yula Attha, but she was born naturally. It has also been suggested that the only “failed” subject to survive, Junk Guild MS pilot Canard Pars, is also Kira’s older brother, but these rumors have yet to be proven. However, the two met shortly after the war was over; Canard was about to kill Kira, when he stopped, looked into Kira’s eyes, and decided to abandon his quest to kill Kira.


Kira, Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli and the Three Ships Alliance helped ending the Bloody Valentine War. In the final battle at Jachin Due, Kira witnessed the death of former lover, Fllay Alster, at the hands of the ZGMF-X13A Providence, piloted by Rau Le Creuset. Driven by transcendent anger and hatred, Kira barely defeated the Providence Gundam by mortally wounding Rau with his beam saber, shortly before Providence was destroyed by a misfire of the GENESIS doomsday laser. The Freedom itself was seriously damaged.


Gundam SEED Destiny takes place after the war, where Kira and Lacus lived in an orphanage in Orb, run by a Clyne family’s friend, Reverend Malchio. As the events escalated to the Second Bloody Valentine War, the orphanage was destroyed and an unknown force that tried to assassinate Lacus in Orb. The attempt on Lacus’ life convinces Kira to once again pilot the Freedom and participate in combat, despite his reluctance to do so. Kira and Lacus returned to the Archangel and escaped from Orb, as the island nation entered the Earth Alliance. Before leaving Orb, Kira kidnapped Cagalli from her arranged marriage, despite Cagalli’s objections.


From there Kira continued to fight in the rebuilt ZGMF-X10A Freedom. His first sortie with the Archangel rogue faction was in the Dardanelles for the purpose of stopping the EA/Orb offensive against the ZAFT battleship Minerva. Upon his arrival, Kira destroyed the Minerva‘s main “Tannhäuser” cannon, which was fully charged an therefore caused large damage to the ship, killing several crewmen. Then he proceeded to disarm any mobile suits on both sides that fired at him, but in the end he provoked the anger of the Extended Stellar Louisser, ending in the death of ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited pilot Heine Westenfluss. He continued to distrust ZAFT, even after he learned Athrun’s support of it in his meeting with Athrun, Cagalli and Miriallia in Crete, and also intervened in another EA/Orb battle with the Minerva in Crete, where driven by anger he destroyed Athrun’s ZGMF-X23S Saviour, without killing him.


He also went to Berlin to fight against the might of the GFAS-X1 Destroy, where he killed Stellar Loussier, by stabbing his beam sabers and into the Destroy’s chest. Unfortunately, his actions had already gained him an enemy, Shinn Asuka, a former Orb citizen who joined ZAFT after his family was killed by Kira during the assault on Orb by the EAF during the first war, but after Stellar’s death, Shinn’s thirst of revenge against Kira became even stronger.


In the following battle, Phase 34, upon the orders of Chairman Dullindal, the Freedom was attacked and destroyed by Shinn and his ZGMF-X56S Impulse, who gained the upper hand by analyzing Kira’s battle tactics (disabling first the weapons of enemy MS). Kira was able to survive the explosion with relatively minor injuries by using an emergency cutoff control to shutdown the Freedom’s nuclear reactor before it went critical. The Freedom’s upper torso, where the cockpit is located, sank into the ocean before being rescued by Cagalli in the MBF-02 Strike Rouge.


Kira appears to have some extrasensory powers, similar to Mu La Flaga, Rau Le Creuset, and Rey Za Burrel. During the battle of Jachin Due, Kira sensed the presence of Rau Le Creuset. Twice, he has been able to sense the presence of Neo Lorrnoke, and the second time he was able to recognize Neo as actually being Mu La Flaga. During his fight with Shinn, he sensed that the Impulse pilot was the same boy he met at the Onogoro Memorial in Orb. He also seems to be able to enter SEED Mode at will. It remains unclear whether Kira is a true Newtype, or has developed these powers as a result of his frequent use of his SEED.


Kira’s extrasensory powers have been confirmed in Gundam Seed Destiny Phase 39: Kira of the Sky. In this episode, upon hearing that Lacus and her ship Eternal were under attacked by ZAFT forces, after investigating the remnants of the space colony Mendel for clues about Chairman Dullindal’s plans, Kira rushed back to space in Cagalli’s Strike Rouge mounted on booster rockets. Being outnumbered and outclassed by ZAFT’s Zaku and GOUF squadrons, Andrew Waltfeld told Kira whose Strike Rouge was seriously damaged to go into the Eternal to pick up his new unit. Back in the Eternal, Kira and Lacus were reunited. After some initial hesitations, Lacus finally presented Kira with his new unit, the newly constructed ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam. In the first battle, he disabled the ZAFT mobile suits and three Nazca-class destroyers. Furthermore, during this battle, Kira had a Newtype flash reaction. Kira is last seen providing escort to the Eternal just in case there are more ZAFT attacks. Kira will be rushing back to Earth with Strike Freedom to help Cagalli defend Orb Union who provided shelter for Lord Djibril in addition to delivering ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice to Athrun Zala.


When Shinn launched in Destiny to confront Cagalli’s Akatsuki, just when Shinn’s beam boomerangs were about to finish off Akatsuki, Kira appeared from the sky, hand in hand with Infinite Justice (Lacus Clyne was piloting Infinite Justice during re-entry at that moment), Kira fired the railguns to blow away Shinn’s beam boomerangs. Everyone was surprised by the appearance of the new “Freedom” which was supposedly destroyed in phase-34. Kira then engaged Shinn and were evenly matched shot for shot. Kira then went into SEED mode, and when Shinn tried to use the anti-ship sword to slice Strike Freedom, he grabbed and removed Shinn’s anti-ship sword and fired the railguns point-blank range at Destiny, which angered Shinn and made him go into SEED mode as well. Kira and Shinn then exchanged several fly-by beam rifle shots. Having fought a prolonged battle first against Cagalli’s Akatsuki and then Kira’s Strike Freedom, Destiny’s Hyper Capacitor was low on power and was recalled back to the Minerva by Rey to recharge and resupply. With Destiny no longer on the battlefield, Kira then disabled GOUF, Zaku and Babi mobile suits invading Orb. Unfortunately, Kira will have to face Shinn again, but this time Rey also sorties in Legend as well. However, Kira will get a helping hand from a still-injured Athrun who regained his confidence and decided to launch in Infinite Justice to join the battle.


When Shinn relaunched accompanied by Rey, while Kira was on SEED mode, he was overpowered by the Shinn and Rey combo: Kira was immediately engaged by Shinn with several fly-by beam rifles shots. Shinn then used Destiny’s beam wings to boost speed and got close to Strike Freedom. Shinn tried to fire Destiny’s “Palma Fiocina” palm beam cannon to blow up Strike Freedom. However, before Shinn can unleash the palm beam, Kira moved away from the palm’s trajectory and then kicked Destiny’s arm away. Rey then engaged Kira by shooting his DRAGOON funnels attached on Legend’s backpack in order to help Shinn set up a kill. The large amount of firepower of the Legend easily got Strike Freedom out of balance and was target locked-on by Destiny’s long-range beam cannon. Shinn was about to fire when suddenly one beam boomerang from the shield of Athrun’s Infinite Justice stopped Shinn from firing.


When both Rey and Shinn engaged Athrun, knowing that Athrun has not fully healed yet, Kira helped him fend off Rey’s Legend, so that Athrun could concentrate on Shinn. After the ZAFT forces retreated, Athrun lost consciousness and lost control of Infinite Justice and was falling down. Kira in Strike Freedom caught Infinite Justice in mid-air and prevented a crash. When Kira removed Athrun’s helmet and flight suit, Athrun’s wounds has re-opened and he was bleeding profusely. Kira then ordered a stretcher to bring Athrun to Archangels sick-bay.


When Cagalli’s televised broadcast from Orb Union’s Parliament was suddenly interrupted by a broadcast by Meer Campbell (Lacus imposter), Kira flew Lacus in Strike Freedom’s cockpit to Orb’s Parliament in order to retake the broadcast from Meer Campbell.


Following the destruction of several PLANTs, ZAFT withdrew its forces from Orb’s coastline, and sent its Flagship the Minerva to reinforce the ZAFT Lunar Team in attempt to destroy the Earth Alliance’s Lunar-Based Laser Cannon, “Requiem” (which fired and destroyed those PLANTs). During the time, Archangel was officially commissioned into the Orb Forces, and Kira was promoted to General, and appointed as the commander of the Orb Space Fleet, which is assigned to destroy the “Requiem” and stop Dullindal from accomplishing the “Destiny Plan”.


With the return of Terminal, Kira on the Strike Freedom leads the allied forces of Orb, the Clyne Faction and supporters from the Earth Alliance on an assault on the Requiem and the space fortress Messiah.  Kira teams up with Athrun, Yzak Joule and Dearka Elsman in destroying the Requiem’s relay station, and joins up with the Eternal to fend off the assault of Rey Za Burrel and the Messiah task force, as the Archangel and Athrun head off to take out the Requiem itself.  Kira defeats Rey Za Burrel and the Legend in single combat, and takes out the defenses of the Messiah.


Kira lands on the Messiah, where he encounters Dullindal in his throne room.  The two exchange words of the necessity of destiny and the uselessness of free choice, which Kira defends, believing that freedom is needed by all.  Athrun, Rey and Talia Gladys arrive at the scene, and Dullindal is shot by Rey in a shocking turn of events.  Talia and Rey go to Dullindal’s side, and Kira and Athrun is sent away, with a request from Talia that Murrue Ramius would see to her son.  The two friends escape from the Messiah before it is destroyed in a fiery explosion that heralds the end of the battle of Messiah and the Second Bloody Valentine War.  Lacus calls for a ceasefire, which the ZAFT forces accept.  An Armistice between Orb and the PLANTs is signed in the coming days.


Kira and Lacus returns to Orb, where they encounter Shinn and Lunamaria Hawke, together with Athrun and Meyrin Hawke, as the three couples meet at the memorial to Shinn’s family.  Kira and Shinn make peace, and join forces for the protection of their chosen future.


Lacus returns to the PLANTs and is made Chairwoman of the Supreme Council, and is happily surprised as Kira dons the white suit of a ZAFT elite officer, and stands by her side, ready to protect her and the future.  Gundam SEED Destiny ends with the two sharing a hug of love, as they are together in peace once more.


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