Happy New Decade!!!

Happy New Decade!


The Most Important Things – Christmas Thoughts 2009

A Gundam SEED Christmas!

It’s very early on this cold and lazy Boxing Day 2009 morning as I write this blog. Right now I’m having a breakfast of leftover Christmas ham and toast topped with hot coffee. I’m listening to the audio stream of DZMM, as the husband and wife tandem of Julius and Tintin Babao interviews CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida about the changes in his life after winning the prestigious award as well as his experiences with the pushcart-education advocacy, the Dynamic Teen Company.

I listen to his anecdotes on how his volunteerism and civic service with the street children he teaches is very hard yet very fulfilling in his life, and that he counts his blessings and willfully shares them with everyone he cares for. He says that even though times are hard, he’ll keep on going with his advocacy because he sincerely loves doing it and finds pleasure in seeing that he makes children happy by giving time to teach them.

Counting our blessings is a very important moral we all have to understand, especially during the Christmas season. While it is humanly normal that we like to expect nice gifts and good fortune during Christmas, recently I realized that we should be happy with what we receive and never envy what other might have. Keeping it simple will give us less pressures and stress, and finding happiness in the little things will make our lives more bright and fruitful. We should always appreciate what we have now, before it’s gone. And if we have a chance, let’s find time to share our blessings to those we know that needs a little more help and cheer.

So on this Boxing Day, when most of us go out to the malls and buy the stuff we want with the blessings we received or saved this Christmas, let’s keep in mind that the most important blessing we have is what God gave us and that we should at least be happy and thankful for that, and that everything we receive, we should consider as a “bonus” to make our lives a little more fruitful. Remember that it’s the simple things – our health, our faith and our families, friends and loved ones – are the most important things.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a fun New Year. =)