BANDAI 1/72 VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom Transformable Variable Fighter


I finally got to finish applying the decals of the BANDAI 1/72 Scale VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Saotome Alto Custom Variable Fighter from the anime Macross Frontier, after dilly-dallying for over two months. And I got the chance to take some pics at my Lola’s house just across the street from our place.

The kit is snap-built, no-paint, sumire panel-lined, about 85% of decals applied. Decaling is my weakest suit in plamo making, so some of the decals were haphazardly placed. It may not be the best work on plamo-building, but I’m damned proud of my work.

I also finally got the hand of transforming the VF-25F, after doing some mods with the head mount assembly.

Can’t wait to get my pre-order of the Super Pack parts and Sheryl Nome decals due sometime February. I’ll take pics of that as soon as I get them and build them. But for now enjoy these pics of my Messiah Valkyrie!

More pictures of the VF-25F Messiah at my Multiply site.

10 Responses

  1. wow. it’s transformable. :O

    do they also have transformable Gundams? i hope there’s one for Arios. ❤

    • Hi Doris!

      Yep, there are a lot of transformable Gundam kits. If I’m not mistaken the 1/144 Arios is already for sale, and the bigger 1/100 Arios kit will be available in the market either next week or late this month.

  2. sou da…

    But a transformable Gundam Seravee would be much much much more awesome. XDDD

  3. You mean the one with the second unit coming off the back of the first?

    Its already coming to the market. I’ve seen the pics XDDDD

  4. hey, cool!! Hmm, about the decals, did it tear, or broken when you transform it?
    And, do you use any protection for it?

  5. I haven’t apply the decals yet, cause my first try is got torn apart….sob..

  6. The decals, while not completely perfect, were designed and cut in a way that when you do transform the Messiah, they wont tear. Since I applied them I haven’t had any problems with them.

    I don’t apply top coat to protect the decals. Too lazy XDDDD

    Am waiting for the Sheryl Nome decals I ordered from R10 to arrive next week, together with the Super Pack. I’m planning to get another Alto Messiah to customize as a Sheryl custom.

  7. So, is it okay even without top coat?
    I’m glad…i will try it again once more! Thanks dude!

  8. Ahhh, finally i tried it anyway. I’m going all out this time and the result…most of decals got torn apart, sobsosb.
    I will post my alto soon, mind to exchange links?

  9. hi..did you paint the detail black lines??/ y just got mine and i didnt start puttin it together i just wandering if it necessary to look cool…

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