Where the “F” is HTVF? … and Gundam Astraea Type F

Woke this morning to a shock…

HERO TV Forums has gone AWOL!

My favorite forum – gone!

Every time I tried going to the site, I always get this error message:

“Notice: This domain name expired on 01/07/08 and is pending renewal or deletion”

So WTF – what the fuck happened to HTVF and where the fuck did it go? Did somebody forget to pay the server? And why weren’t there any notices?

I’ll try contacting my forum friends and Admods to find out more about this catastrophe, and I’m bringing GSR up to speed to take in stragglers.

{Author’s Note: HTVF came back a few hours after I posted this article. Hopefully it was only a minor problem on its server, but it looks like its not back at 100% and still has some glitches.}

In lighter Gundam news, the crazy kids at Dengeki Hobby just released pictures a nice looking Gunpla of the Gundam Astraea Type F from Mobile Suit Gundam 00F. I really liked its red-orange colored armor on a faded-gold frame – thinking Sazabi on a Strike Freedom frame.

Also something I found interesting, Pink Tentacle summarized a Science Portal article about how much it would cost to build a real Gundam. The estimate to build a close-combat Mobile Suit prototype, barring the humongous labor costs, fictional special alloys for construction, and any kind of flight capabilities and weaponry: a whopping SEVEN HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ($725,000,000). And the Gundam won’t be able to do those stunts and moves we’re all familiar with it – all it would do is walk.

But still, its a Gundam. I better start saving then.


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