Christmas Reflections

As I lie awake on this very early of Christmas mornings, I can’t help but look back at the past year.  The trials and tribulations me and my family had to go thru were tough and stressful, yet here I am in good spirits, waiting expectantly for the sun to rise for this holy and happy day.


This year was filled with challenges for me.  It was not a prosperous year, and more hardships are expected to be faced come the near future.  But thanks to friends and loved ones, I managed to pull thru.  Without them, I am nothing.


Thanks to my officemates, for keeping me on course at work.


Thanks to my neighbors in my community, for trusting me in all confidence and allowing me to serve.


Thanks to my brothers in my Catholic fraternity, for exemplifying unity and brotherhood and fostering my growth as a God-fearing man.


Thanks to my forum buddies at HERO TV Forums and Gundam SEED Renaissance RPG, younger siblings I all consider them, as they gave me fun times all year on the Net.


Thanks to my friends and barkada, for keeping me jolly and picking up my spirits when I’m with them.


Thanks to my best friend, for keeping me rolling on the floor laughing with all our high-jinks.


Thanks to my pets, Kero and Kenshee, for loyally keeping me company, and giving me smiles and cuddles every day.


Thanks to my relatives, for continuing to foster unity and family with our clan.


Thanks to my Dad, for bearing with my failures.  I love you, my father.  Forgive me for my mistakes.


Thanks to my Mom, for the patience to our hardships.  I love mother.  Forgive me for my lack of patience.


And of course thanks to my significant other, who is my anchor in life.  She kept me straight and true, and loved me for all my dark days.  I love you Lacus – you are the light and beacon that led me home.


And finally, I thank God, whose birth we celebrate today.  The King of kings and Priest of priest, His sacrifice we cherish and believe.  Without Him, we are all nothing.  He is the true meaning of this holy day.


Merry Christmas to everyone.  May you be all happy and in good health in this, the most holy of days.


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