1/60 Big Scale ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

This is probably one of my favorite Gunpla – my 1/60 ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam.  I got this back in 2005, back during a time that I was a little down and distressed.  My Dad had just survived his third stroke in late March of that year, but we had to spend almost a month in the hospital for him to recover.  What followed were several months when I had to quit one of my jobs so I could take care of Dad at home, being the only son.  I got this sometime before my birthday, and I bought not just a treat to myself, but I have this kinship with Kira Yamato, the Freedom’s pilot, where we both had to struggle with hardships both around and inside ourselves.

Gomen ne – I get mushy at times… but anyway, below is a picture of me standing in the foot of my favorite mobile suit:

Kira And Freedom 01

Here’s the Freedom with his younger brother Strike Freedom – my 1/60 Lightning Edition, with me right in the middle of the two.

Freedom Brothers 01
Here’s another shot of the Freedom Brothers (and me of course XD).

Freedom Brothers 02
Getting ready to fight up close – beam saber and High Maneuverability Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) wings deployed:

Freedom 02

Readying the lightning – BLITZKRIEG ATTACK!!! (Look at the size of those rail guns! XD)

You want a piece of me? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME???

Hopefully I can post more of this, and probably some pics with my 1/60 Force Impulse Gundam, whenever I can finish inking the Impulse’s panels.  But for now this is all for the Freedom!


2 Responses

  1. Coool. Freedom Brother, I know there two of them (freedom). Both are just look a like except for the stomach canon.

  2. Can you please tell me how tall in inches this gorgeous Gundam figure is?

    I want to start a collection but I want to make sure how big are they and this one seems really big.

    thank you, I hope your Dad is better.

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