She’s Coming Home…

My tita (aunt), Gigi, is coming home today, after spending twenty-two days in the hospital after suffering the severe stroke mid-August. While the left cortex of the brain, and the right side of her body was affected by the stroke, by my layman’s experience with stroke victims, I can say that my tita, with her strong personality and will, is progressing fast with her occupational and physical therapy, which to me is a good sign.

Her family, however, will still need to sacrifice a little, since my tita needs continous therapy for the next few months, as well as several weeks of feed her via NGT. It will entail my uncle and my two cousins (both guys) to rotate on their sleeping schedules to feed my tita her soft diet, which has four-hour intervals. For someone who experienced doing that with my own Dad after his third stroke, I didn’t find it that hard, but it still would eat into your usual habits and schedules. Added the other usual stuff needed for the care of stroke victims, it will be a little tough ahead for my tita and her family, but we’re all happy she survived her stroke, and is now home.


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