Does anybody know what the heck this is?


I mean, what is the name for this monstrosity?

I know it’s a Gundam Hazel from Advance of Zeta, but what kind?

I checked the AOV section of MAHQ, and it gave me a zillion Hazel configurations. The pictures didn’t halp me much, except to tell me that the mobile suit is a gawdamn Hazel. The closest two to it is either the Hazel-Rah or the Advanced Hazel, but I can’t get the specs on the booster augmentation pack this thing is lugging behind it.

Is it a Hazel mod? I hope not, coz I really fuckin’ want one! I don’t wanna spend valuable time modding this when I dunno what parts to use!


Gawd, if I have one of these, I’ll be the happiest Gunpla-making SOB in the planet. I can think of a gazillion things I could do with this. I’m gonna post all gazillion of them – maybe just a few.

  1. I can conquer the world.
  2. I can end all wars.
  3. I can scare all robbers to my house.
  4. I can overthrow this crazy government of ours, and start a Gundamcracy.
  5. If I had a daughter, I’d fricking terrify all of her potential suitors and kill the boyfriends until she was forty.

But all I can do now is find out what the heck the name of this bloody Gundam Hazel is, and save enough money to buy it before Christmas.

Or plan a heist on the Central Bank, steal a couple of billion, go to Japan and get this one there.


(Photo courtesy of dannychoo.com)


One Response

  1. I think that’s a gaplant TR-5 Fiver.

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